So what’s all this about Social Media everyone talks about? Well, 25% of time people spend online is now spent on Social Media sites (thankfully it overtook pornography as the #1 online past time!). Here we answer your questions and show you which ones really matter to you and which are only for the hardcore technical bloggers and such. There are only a few that REALLY make a difference in most people’s lives.

The Good Social Media Sites You Should Use

 Facebook –> Facebook is the most popular Social Media site in the world. MANY of your friends and family members will be on Facebook, and you’ll be able to keep up with what’s happening with them by connecting with them. The way Facebook works is you “connect” with the people you want to stay in touch with, and whatever they “post” about their lives or pictures they upload will show up in your “feed” so you can see what they’re up to. The same works with you. You can post updates about your life, upload pictures, videos, etc. and anyone “connected” with you can see what’s happening with you as well. Facebook is a GREAT way for families and friends to keep in touch! It’s a MUST for you to get connected with family and friends on FB.

LinkedIn –> If you have business-related contacts you want to keep up with, LinkedIn is for you. Many people use LinkedIn to keep a “business profile” on themselves and connect with their colleagues. It’s similar to the way Facebook works, in that your contacts post “updates” about themselves, or post interesting articles, news or anything else they seem appropriate and you will see those updates in your list. It’s a good way to keep the business side of you world in synch. You can connect to companies also, and see who is also connected with those companies. The other great thing about LinkedIn is that once you connect with some of your contacts, LinkedIn is great at suggesting other contacts you may want to connect with based on who is friends with YOUR friends. You will probably find people you haven’t seen in a LONG time.

Youtube –> YouTube is the most popular video site in the world. It’s a great source of entertaining video content about pretty much every subject you can think of. Any topic you want to learn, hear about, see clips of, etc. can be found on YouTube. You just go to and type what you’re looking for in the search box and voila, there are a million videos to see.

Flickr –> Flickr is a picture site where you can upload your pictures and share them with family and friends. It’s a convenient way to store your pictures “in the cloud” instead of on your home computer, and be able to get to them from any computer. It’s also nice to able to let your friends and family see them and have access to them without having to email them or try to send a copy some other way.


The Social Media Sites You Don’t Care About

Twitter –> Twitter is for movie stars, TV stars, popular radio and other figures to allow people to “follow” them. They “post” short updates about what they are doing, or what they think about anything day by day and everyone that “follows” them can see what they say. Twitter is not something most people use frequently, especially those not technically advanced. We recommend you don’t bother with it. The return on time invested in Twitter is not worth it for regular people.


Google+  –> Google is attempting to do their own version of Facebook. It’s not taking off very well, and it’s just duplicate effort for what everyone is doing on Facebook already, so don’t bother with it. You won’t get anything out of it.


There are MANY others we won’t bother to explain to you. Just trust us that they are not good enough yet for you to spend time on. Once they are, we’ll notify you and explain what you can do with them.