Do you want to keep in touch more with your family or friends? Well, one way to do that effectively is to learn to “Chat” with them.

A Chat is similar to “texting” someone from your computer – where you write a line or two of text and hit “Send”. Then you wait as they type and their text comes back to you. This happens in real time in a Chat Window on your computer.

Apple Mac

If you’re on an Apple Macintosh, a program called “iChat” is already installed on your computer and you can just start that program. The trick is that you have to “Add” your “Buddies” or contacts into your Chat Program with their email address or chat name so that it can put them in your directory and find them.


If you’re on a PC running Windows, then your chat program installed is “Windows Messenger” and works the exact same way.

With most chat programs you can talk in text or do a video chat where you can see each other. Also when a buddy comes online it tells you that they are available to chat with. Otherwise it shows you that they are NOT online so you can’t.