Wondering if all your old friends are online? Most likely they are. There are a few keys to finding them so you can reconnect.

Described below are the most probable sites you will find them. Each site has a link to go there.

Google.com – The first and easiest method to find ANYONE is to “Google them”! You’ve heard how Google has information about EVERYONE, and to a certain extent it’s true. If there’s anything out there in the public domain Google will have it indexed and you may be able to find it easily. Go to www.google.com and type their full name into the search box and see what comes up.

Facebook.com – Searching for friends on Facebook can be tricky. There may be so many of the same name you’ll never sift through them all to find the right one. The trick is that if their name is too common to find easily, find one of their friends or family members that CAN be found easily, then look in their friends list to see if they are there. Also, when you search, put in the State name to help locate them better.

Classmates.com – Many people are registered on classmates.com for the year they graduated High School or College. If you go there and look up your school and year you may easily find them listed or by searching them.

LinkedIn.com – LinkedIn is used frequently by business people. If your friends are active in business you may find them there the same way you look on Facebook. If you can’t find them, find their friends and look in their contact list. You may also be able to find their business or organization and find them if they are connected to it.

College Alumni – Many colleges have alumni logins on their sites. If so, they may have an “Alumni List” you can search for anyone that the school has knowledge of. Schools typically do a good job of keeping track of their students and their addresses. The site will likely not give you their address, but it will allow you to email them to connect with them.


The following video helps you with these and other methods to finding your lost friends online.