What’s the easiest way to keep up on what’s going on with friends & family? The short answer is Facebook. You really don’t have to do much to keep up with them all. Just take a look every couple of days and you’ll be “in the know”. 

There are hundreds of millions of Facebook users around the world, and it’s the highest probability of being the one your friends or family are on. Even those that are more advanced in years. Seniors are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook.

So if you are not on Facebook yet, sign up and start connecting with your family and friends.

A couple of suggestions for you for Facebook:

1) Don’t accept ANY application that sends you an invite to “allow access” to your account. These are a waste and you don’t want them. Even if your friends send you one, reject it.

2) Only accept friend requests from people you know (and want to be friends with!).

3) Get a digital camera and make a habit of loading your favorite pictures onto FB so your friends and family can see you!

4) Have fun with it!